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Supporting The Children Of Ukraine

A humantarian Crisis We Can Only Pray For And Help

For the past 9 years we have raised thousands of pounds and been fortunate enough to create some amazing memories for children and their families. Putting smiles on the faces of so many unfortunate children that are pooly, disadvantaged or disabled.

For now our focus must go on the poor and innocent children affected by the atrosities occuring in Ukraine and the knock on effect of these people needing to flee the country for safety.

Our fund raising will be going to the affected in not only the UK and Ukraine but also to other countries giving the Ukraianian memebers safe shelter and protection.

We are looking for people to donate not only any monies that can be used to support them but also the following items to ensure the children has provision for health, education, protection and also to give them a smile.

So please if you can donate any of the following please see our donation page or get in touch

Any of the following would be great;

  • Baby Equipment (Prams, Bottles, Changing Equipment, Nappies, Bedding, Toysetc…)
  • Education Equipment (Books, Notepads, Pens, Pencils, Laptops, Tablets etc…)
  • Clothing/Hygene (Clothing, Shoes, Washing Equipment, Towels etc…)
  • Toys and Games (Board Games, Laptops, Puzzle Books etc….)
  • Money All money raised is going directly to the Ukraine relief fund, specifically the children.
We appreciate any effort to support this cause.