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You can help in a number of ways, donations are the basis of our success whether it be monetary, gifts or fund raising events. Without YOUR support we would not be able to put so many smiles on so many childrens faces. Read more about what we are doing and have done to make so many children happy.



Our Goal

SmilesBetter Charity programs provide something many children never get to do, or will not be able to do. Thats is simply smile!

About Us

For years, SmilesBetter Charity has worked to provide cheer to children that have life limiting illnesses or children from disadvanteged backgrounds.

Get Involved

We welcome anyone to help, from raising money, organising events or entering into any of our fundraising or donation events.

THE children of ukraine need AID

We are collecting donations to help the children of Ukraine have a normal life, to reduce their chances of illness, eduction and happiness

How can i help

We are looking for donations of the following to send to Ukraine and countries to support the children.

  • Baby Equipment (Prams, Bottles, Changing Equipment, Nappies, Bedding, Toysetc...)
  • Education Equipment (Books, Notepads, Pens, Pencils, Laptops, Tablets etc...)
  • Clothing/Hygene (Clothing, Shoes, Washing Equipment, Towels etc...)
  • Toys and Games (Board Games, Laptops, Puzzle Books etc....)
  • Money All money raised is going directly to the Ukraine relief fund, specifically the children.

NOthing is too small

The simplist of donations can help, so we can distribute this to so many different places, we have already sent multiple pallets to different locations in support and raised £1000's of money and equipment.

Our motto

A is smile IS FREE!!!

Your generosity makes our work possible. Whether you contribute financially or as advocate for good, you make a real and lasting difference in people’s lives.


How to donate?

It is entirely your choice from a simple donation to a follow and share on social media or simply send in any items you can.

Where to send donations

We are presently working with parcel companies if you are not local, due to the unprecedented level of support we will be opening a donation hub in Cambridge shortly. You can send or drop off items to;

60 Ryston Road
Downham Market
PE38 0DP

Email: Call: 07496 585191

get involved

how you can help

Make a donation

Your generosity makes our work possible. The simplest of donations goes towards putting a smile on a face. It can be financial or a gift.

Start A Fundraiser

We love fundraising events. It is the key to our success. If you have a great idea we can support you. It would be great to have you with us.

Join our Efforts

We are always looking for volunteers especially at times when we prepare to give our gifts to children. Without our volunteers it would not happen

Our latest activity

Christmas is a special time. From Arriving at our childrens hospices and homes with the Santa team. Watching the little faces light up and recieve the gifts that we are able to give is such an emotional and special time.

The children are so brave and strong so to give what seems so little to everyone else to place a smile on their face is something that never goes away. The ability to give is so special.

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